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Does the Castle have to be on Grass?

No we can site on Asphelt, Concrete etc but we do drill and bolt down the castle please ask us before booking if your castle is not on grass.


Are they suitable for indoors or outdoors?

All our castles are suitable for indoors and we have our pixie small height castle that is indoor only the rest are suitable for outdoors too.


Do you provide free castle for our charity event?

No Unfortunately we are a charity, as things look we seem to the busiest Bouncy castle company locally and our volunteers are flat out. As such being volunteers for the Anthony booth Trust they would only man a castle that the charity benefits from. Our trustees have set a precedence that all castles can only be hired at the standard hire rate and we cannot offer any discounts for any events on Saturday's or Sunday's. We are happy to supply a castle at our standard booking rate.


Does all the Money Really go to Charity?

Yes we are completely run by volunteers we use £5 for Fuel and our 15ft is our investment castle to purchase new castles.

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